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'Man from the Equator' Um Taewoong's revenge begins

Um Taewoong started giving pressure on Lim Jung-eun.

On 16th, the new episode of KBS 2TV 'Man From the Equator' showed Sunwoo(Um Taewoong) starting his revenge by using Soomi(Lim Jung-eun)'s pictures which depicted the scene of Jang-il(Lee Joon-hyuk) attempting to murder Sunwoo.

Soomi found out that her pictures went missing while she was in Hong Kong, and called to Jang-il, but she became restless when she found out Jang-il didn't take it.

However, Soomi found out that her pictures will be on display at an exhibition, and yelled "What is this madness? Are you crazy? Put it down! You are a thief. If you don't want to die, put it down."

Sunwoo, who was watching Soomi from the back, said, "That can't be put down. I'll buy them all. I'm the main character. How much do you want? I'll pay in cash. If you want."

He continued, "Thanks for drawing me better than how I look in real. Why haven't you told me that you used me as model? Did Jang-il treat you a dinner?" and made the mood more suspenseful.

Soomi was surprised to find out that Sunwoo knows everything, and said, "Listen to me," but Sunwoo said, "What kind of excuses do you have? Add a word, and I'll have your wrist broken. So that you'll never hold brushes again. I'll pick your eyeballs out so that you won't see the photos again."

On the other hand, Lee Joon-hyuk fell in Um Taewoong's scheme and betrayed Kim Young-cheol.

/Reporting by HAN Ah-Yeong

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