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'Man Waiting for Adultery' Park Siyeon mentioned about the bed scene

Park Siyeon talked about the pressure she felt for bed scene in movie 'Man Waiting for Adultery'.

On April 3rd, a press conference for movie 'Man Waiting for Adulter' was held at Megabox Dongdaemoon branch. During the conference, Park Siyeon said, "I didn't know anything about the bed scene until before the shooting."

When Park first got the scenario, there was no bed scene mentioned, but she suddenly received an illustration while the shootings were continued.

Park Siyeon said "I haven't taken any bed scenes so far, so I felt a bit of pressure. I went through a deep discussion with the director and Park Heesoon."

Director Kim Hyungjun said, "The movie includes a concept of femme fatale, and I have a bit of homage for movie 'Basic Instinct'," and explained why bed scene was necessary.

He continued, "I thought that physical temptation was necessary if there's a femme fatale concept involved, and thankfully, Park Siyeon fought through the pressure and showed her professionalism."

Movie 'Man Waiting for Adultery' is a movie about a detective who un-wantedly became a suspect of adultery, and his struggle to prove his innocency.

The movie will be released on April 11th.

/Reporting by StarN

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