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Jang Mi In Ae, Park Si Yeon & Lee Seung Yeon sentenced to imprisonment

Lee Seung Yeon, Park Si Yeon, and Jang Mi In Ae were each sentenced to 8 months and 10 months of imprisonment.

On October 28th, a trial for Park Si Yeon, Lee Seung Yeon, and Jang Mi In Ae's illegal Propopol injection was held at Seoul Central Court.

Lee Seung Yeon and Park Si Yeon admitted their injections earlier, but the court told that both denied their injection during all of the previous trials, and that they did not show any reflection for their faults.

The court also criticized Jang Mi In Ae for continuously denying constant Propol injection, and claiming that she was not aware of the fact that the identity of the drug even though she has been getting it injected for years.

The court said, "We considered the logic that everything that happens in a hospital should be blamed to the doctor. However, the total time and frequency of the injection were way above the line, and all of the three made continuous false statements during the investigations."

Thus, the court sentenced Jang Mi In Ae to 10 months of imprisonment, and Lee Seung Yeon and Park Si Yeon to 8 months of imprisonment.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Yeon, Park Si Yeon, and Jang Mi In Ae were subjected to trial for illegal Propopol injection back in March.

/Reporting by Oh jin ju

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