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Gary wins over Kim Jong Kook

Gary won over Kim Jong Kook with his punch.

On 2nd, Kang Soo Ji, Park Nam Jung, Kim Wan Sun, Fire Truck(Jung Won Kwan, Kim Tae Hyung, Lee Sang Won), and KARA's Gu Ha-ra appeared on SBS 'Running Man'.

They were divided into the 'Legend Team' and 'Running Man Team', and had a punch game.

Kim Jong Kook 893 points, which was the highest until then. Kim Jong Kook won over Lee Gwang Soo and HaHa, and he got 886 points before competing against Gary.

Then, Gary received 888, which was 2 points higher than Kim Jong Kook, and he was so delighted that he won over Kim Jong Kook.

On the other hand, Yoo Jae Seok also surprised many people by getting 867 and 882 points.

/Reporting by Nam Woo-Jeong

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