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‘The Thieves' becomes the most attended movie in Korean film history

Movie 'The Thieves' became the most attended movie in Korean film history.

The distributor of 'The Thieves', ShowBox Mediaplex, announced that 'The Thieves' was attended by 13,017,352 people by October 1st, and on 2nd, 3041 more people watched the movie, raising the total number to 13,020,393.

The most attended movie so far was 'The Host'(2006), which was attended by 13,019,740, and 'The Thieves' broke the record. Especially, while 'The Host' was watched by 13,019,740 after 106 days of its release, 'The Thieves' broke the record only in 70 days.

1 million people watched it in 3 days since it was released, 3 million in 6 days, 4 million in 8 days, 7 million in 13 days, 8 million in 16 days, 9 million in 19 days, 10 million in 22 days, 11 million in 26 days, 12 million in 33 days, 13 million in 66 days, and over the thanksgiving holiday, 20 thousand more people watched the movie, and it became the most viewed movie in Korean film history after 70 of its release.

On the other hand, 'The Thieves' was recently introduced during Toronto International Film Festival, and it will be introduced during the 7th London Korean Film Festival and the 7th Paris Korean Film Festival. Furthermore, it will be released in America and Canada on October 12th.

In addition, 'The Thieves' was invited to the 17th Busan International Film Festival, which is opening on October 4th, and the actors and the director will be attending.

/Reporting by Son Jin-Ah

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