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BIGSTAR's Rae Hwan captured while kissing Sa Hee?

BIGSTAR's Rae Hwan was captured while kissing Sa Hee on her forehead.

Recently, a number of photos titled "BIGSTAR's Rae Hwan, in love?! Captured while kissing in a parking lot!" were uploaded on an online community board.

The photos show BIGSTAR's Rae Hwan kissing Sa Hee on her forehead, and they look like a couple in deep love.

However, it was found out that the photos were taken during their music video shooting, and it became a hot issue on the internet.

Netizens who viewed the photos made comments, such as "Looking great!", "Can't wait for the full MV", "They look lovely", "No, not the kiss!", and "Sa Hee is so beautiful."

Sa Hee always enjoys listening to songs written by Brave Brothers, and she happily decided to cast in the music video as well. It is said that Sa Hee and Rae Hwan impressed the staffs with amazing acting.

On the other hand, BIGSTAR will be releasing the teaser video of the MV of 'Think' on 3rd at noon, and the full album will be released on 4th at noon.

/Reporting by Kim Ji-Yi

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