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‘Wolf Boy' Park Bo Young expresses thanks to Song Joong Ki's great care

Park Bo Young expressed thanks to Song Joong Ki for his great care.

On 26th, press conference for movie 'Wolf Boy' took place at CGV Apgujeong branch, and Park Bo Young talked about the scene where he had to slap Song Joong Ki.

She started, "Song Joong Ki showed great care for me."

It is said that while she could just pretend she was hitting him, Song Joong Ki told her she can really slap him.

Park Bo Young said, "Sincerity was the most important one, and he told me that mine is the priority. So, he arranged everything for me. In the scene, I could just slap him in real when the camera shoots his face, and pretend it when they were shooting me. However, he kept telling me to slap him for real, so I just did so."

On the other hand, Song Joong Ki told that he regretted right away.

Song Joong Ki said, "I thought I was being manly, but I regretted it right away. She was a strong slapper. My face got swollen."

He continued, "But, we got goosebumps when shooting. We were very much into the emotions, and it was great."

Director Cho Sung Hee told that he could get a satisfactory outcome thanks to the two's great effort.

On the other hand, movie 'Wolf Boy' is a movie about the romance of 'Wolf Boy' and a lonely girl, and it will be released on October 31st.

/Reporting by Lim Ju-Hui

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