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‘Traffickers' Lim Chang Jung tells behind story

Lim Chang Jung told behind stories of movie 'Traffickers'.

On 13th, the production team of 'Traffickers' revealed Lim Chang Jung's behind stories of the movie.

Lim Chang Jung casted as Young Gyu, who is the director of organ trafficking, and in the first scene, he shows a dark and firm look. Young Gyu, who was living a quiet life after losing his close friend by mistake, gets involved in another case because of Dong Bae(Shin Seung Hwan)'s threats.

Young Gyu, who accepted Dong Bae's coercing, recollected his old comrades, and shows his strong will to never make the same mistake again.

However, Young Gyu's struggle starts once again as he finds out that the person he had to kidnap was his friend's younger sister.

Lim Chang Jung said, "Even though he orders to kidnap her, he goes through a major dilemma in his mind, and I hope the audience will think 'He's a human too'."

He also said, "The last scene was very dangerous. I had to hang on a car's bonnet with my rib broken, and I could die from the shooting. However, Young Gyu had to hang on there because there was a reason why he had to get the person, and because it was such a hard scene, I have a strong affection on that particular one."

On the other hand, 'Traffickers' is a thriller movie about organ trafficking organization, and it is currently the hottest movie in Korea.

/Reporting by Lee Mi-Ji

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