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'Grace of Gentleman' Kim Ha-neul and Jang Dong-gun restarts their romance

Kim Ha-neul was finally relieved to learn Jang Dong-gun's true feelings.

On 21st, the new episode of SBS drama 'Grace of Gentleman' showed Seo Yi Soo(Kim Ha-neul) going on a trip alone after hearing that Kim Dojin(Jang Dong-gun) lost his memory.

Dojin, who was pretending that he lost memory, and planned for a surprise propose, went out to find Yi Soo.

Dojin found out where Yi Soo was by the help of Hong Sera(Yoon Se Ah), and he spent the night at her hotel lobby.

However, Dojin saw Yi Soo heading somewhere with a different guy, and followed. The man was found out to be a driver that Yi Soo hired for a while, because she got drunk. Yi Soo arrived at the place where she had a walk with Dojin,and she started yelling in the air, "You think I came all the way here for reminiscence? Kim Dojin, you son of a *****!"

Dojin thought she was very cute, and he whispered, "Don't talk at my back. Just say it at my face."

Yi Soo collapsed on the ground, and murmured, "I must be drunk a lot." Then, Dojin said, "My name is Kim Dojin, and I have a 19 year old son. Will you accept my love?" making the female fans restless.

/Reporting by Nam Woo-Jeong

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