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'Dr. Jin' Kim Jae Joong finds out the true identity of his best friend
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Kim Jae Joong fount out his best friend's identity.

On 24th, the new episode of MBC drama 'Dr. Jin' showed Younghwi(Jin Yi Han) and Kyungtak(Kim Jae Joong)'s conflict.

On King's mother Cho(Jung Hye Sun)'s birthday, Younghwi planned to kill Kim Byunghee(Kim Eung Soo), and Kyungtak kept his eyes on his every movements.

Younghwi ended up getting chased by Kyungtak, and Kyungtak took the mask off of Younghwi.

Kyungtak was shocked to find out that he had to fight against his best friend, and he shed his tears, not being able to shoot him.

Viewers made comments, such as "That was so sad", "I wonder how their future will develop", and "His life is so poor."

'Dr. Jin' Kim Jae Joong finds out the true identity of his best friend

/Reporting by Kang Hye-In

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